Explorer T(t for time)Prologue and Chapter 1

Prologue: Prof. Pendulum smiled. The time machine was finished.Now they needed to test it. If it works, then humanity will be changed forever.He fell asleep, thinking of the wonders that could happen.He never knew that the small time machine was stolen in the middle of the night.He was on Shark Tooth Island, so how could he? But one hero recovered it.His name was Young Sword.His younger self’s tale is the one I say to you now. Chapter 1: Young Sword was flying away from Shark Tooth Island, whose residents he had saved from the Great Booga. Those people called him Explorer S, with the S for shark. His other adventure had him on a treasure hunt. That was on Early Poptropica. He was en route to Time Tangled Island. He heard that a time machine was there. He was curious about it. He got there. He stepped out of the blimp.He went to the lab. He was stopped by a woman whose name was unknown and would remain unknown to him.”We’re in danger,”She said,”Can you help us?””Sure,”He said,”What’s wrong?””Get in here and I’ll tell you,”She said.  Chapter 2 and 3 coming soon!!!

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Poptropica People!

I know I may have blocked the search engines to this site,but I will undo it.This is the Connorador`s Poptropica Blog!Just read the walkthroughs for each Island,read the Gamerz Guide,look at the c00l stuff,and have fun!

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