Early Poptropica Guide

Made By The One And Only Connorador

Ok,if you’re not on there already,go to the Map and click on the island call Early Poptropica.There are two multiplayer rooms called the Soda Pop Shop and the Arcade,wich sometimes is replaced by ADs.And there is a museum about art with information about the artists.It even has three Poptropican versions of famous artists Vincent Van Gogh(the guy who cut his ear off.),Leonardo Da Vinci(artist of the Mona Lisa!),and Georges-Pierre Seurat(the guy who invented Pointillism.).Go inside if you want but go right if you`re not interested.Go right until you find a town named Early Poptropica.They need help,but we’ll read about that later.Go to a well go down until you reach a part with wood and water.Go down to a person with a glow stick.Click on him and he`ll say “Glow sticks are the coolest!I saw another one up to the left.”Go up until you find the glow stick(a thick glowing stick.).The glow stick will help you in  the dark part of the place at the far left of the area.(at Poptropica Towers,just so u know.You go there and go to the area with no light.You search 4 a egg.When you find it,go up to the Poptropica Towers.Go to the closelines or the windows and get to the last building.Go up the vine and go to the right.Click on the giant and u will give him the egg.He will lift his club uncovering the stuff behind it.Go right to get a bucket of water.Go right again and go over the aircraft(theres a rocket,too!).Jump over the rocket and u will get a jetpack.then fly over the rocket and aircraft and get 2 the giants garden and go down.U will get a flag.Then u go down the manhole and get a pig(theres a spider…dont get scared!!!).Then u go back and talk 2 the last 3 people.Once they get the flag a ship will come.Go on that ship and talk 2 the guy on it.He will give u the medallion.And that concludes my guide on Early Poptropica!!!


2 Responses to Early Poptropica Guide

  1. This is my first guide and its a draft(for now.)

  2. Coming Soon: Shark Tooth Island Guide
    This guide is finished!!!YAY!

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