Shark Tooth Guide

Shark Tooth Island Guide

Made by the one and only Yellow Singer/Prof. Sparkzor

First of all,go to the island if you are not  there yet.Go right and there’s a guy selling shark fins(for free!).Talk to the guy with the guitar.Click on him and he`ll give you some coconut milk.Go right and you’ll get to the Ancient Ruins.Then you go right again to get to Booga Bay.There you’ll find the problem.Its a giant shark named The Great Booga.Click on the guy selling leaf skirts.He’ll give you one.Then you go to the Ancient Ruins again.Jump on the block and the tree and jump to the building.Pick up the piece of paper.Go inside the building and avoid the bats .Then you go and click on the hieroglyphics.Spell open.Decode the letters with your decoder and click on the letter that stands for O.Repeat for the P,E,and N.Then the door will open.Go inside the place you just opened and go left.Theres a gold shark wich has a caterpillar.Get on it and avoid the caterpillar and go left.Fall down the hole and get the bone.Then you go up and wait for the floating platform.Once you get to the other side go left.You will find some pictures that show you how to use the item you will get.Get it and go whichever direction you choose.Whichever direction you choose,go to the tree at the Ancient Ruins and go up.There you’ll find the medicine man.Put on your grass skirt and talk to the medicine man.He’ll give you the potion needed to defeat the great booga.Go to Booga Bay and get on the “feed the shark” thing.Shoot it. Then the great booga will fall asleep and you can go across.Talk to Prof. Hammerhead. Go to the mainland. Prof. Hammerhead will give you the medal. That concludes my guide on Shark Tooth Island.


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